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Ivory, Seashells, and Stars.
    She related to me her story a half-dozen times, and yet I never knew how to feel about it. Years and years passed, and it was only many years later did I understand what she meant. She related it all to me, telling me all about her purpose and creation.
    “Your father made me for you, you know. He made me out of a million different things. He made me in the year 1803, and if you remember, that was the year you came of age in another part of the world. I think, at first, he made me so he had something to do; something to remind him of you while he was trying not to worry about you. But later, as he made me, I knew that he was fashioning me because he wanted me to relay to you all the messages he never gave you while you were away all those years. He told me to tell you that he-“
    I would always interrupt her here, because this, too, had I heard a dozen times. My father loved me. He wished for me everything he never had, and something to
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Experiment 518
       “Experiment five-one-eight seems to be behaving normally, sir. The subject goes through the routine Dr. Winters and I created for it, and does not object to any of the tasks we request it to perform. All in all, I believe that the subject will be able to be released into the world soon. This day in age, people are not averse to the idea of androids roaming around and getting jobs, et cetera- at least that’s what our anthropologists and sociologists tell us.” Dr. Flounder and Dr. Winters had been working for a very long time on this particular Android, whom they affectionately named Biff. When they had first been signed on for the project, they were not enthusiastic. The two of them had worked together to practically write the book on Androids. They had written papers on Artificial Brain Formation, Hypothetical Extremity Generation, and, their most popular, The Effects of Berries on Non Water-Based Life Forms. The team of Winters and Flounder
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The Road Not Taken
I was walking along a country road,
Contemplating which way in life, I should go,
When I came across a note on a tree,
And the note, when I read it, said to me
You can’t live your life, if you fear for it day and night,
And you can’t stumble along, clinging to wrongs,
When you know what’s right,
Stick to your guns, and make sure you’re always true,
Do this and I promise life will be good to you
While I contemplated which way I ought to go,
The note seemed to write itself on my soul
And wouldn’t you know it, a fork appeared
And the words written in the note were clear
I knew which path it was that I should take
It looked like it was tough, and there was a lot at stake
But sure was I of the right way for me to turn
I repeated the note again, taking strength in the words
The path was hard, and took me long to get through
But in the end, the other path I just couldn’t choose
I look at others who took the path I didn’t take,
And I kno
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Kissing is a Must
Every night before you left seems so far away,
But they were only a year ago, maybe a little more,
And I swear there were only 5 hours in a day
I not happy you left of course, and our love is a force
To be reckoned with, and I can’t help but feel the love,
As best as I can, of course, when you’re a million miles away,
And I can’t wait until you’re back to stay
Let’s have a party, over the internet,
We’ll drink till we’re drunk, and listen to Grand Funk
Build up our endurance for when you get home,
And we can party with all our friends and not alone, and
Let my love for you take you flying,
I’ll be good, I’ll promise to never stop trying,
I want to protect you, never neglect you
And when you say jump I’ll ask how high,
We’ll make this work, we said we’d try,
Now let the memories wash over us, I’m not in any kind of rush
I promise this is more than lust, but when you get back kissing is a must.
All those
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Llyn Harwich and her Grandmother's Jewels
"It was dreadful! She spoke to me as if I had taken her prized pearl necklace, and then she yelled at Bradley in Gaelic! Who speaks Gaelic anymore!" Brigit is exasperated, and decidedly so. Everytime she tells the story, well, this part, it frustrates her. Her mother-in-law, Suzanne, had claimed that her thousand-dollar pearl necklace and pendant were stolen. She had immediately blamed Brigit, then proceeded to blame Bradley, Brigit's husband and Suzanne's son, and though Brigit couldn't speak Gaelic, she presumed what was said about her was not appropriate for someone as God-fearing as Brigit. Brigit is ranting to her friend, Louise, while angrily mixing cake batter. She is baking for the dinner party she is hosting at her house that night. Louise is very sympathetic; her mother-in-law, too, is an absolutely harpy.
"The woman is completely insane! She lives in that gigantic house, just her and three servants, and she expects us to be over every day. I don't know how Bradley can stand
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Verse 1:
Beauty is all around me
And looking up at the stars, all I imagine are the numerous worlds waiting for us to discover
And I watch the clouds cover the moon from the safety of your arms,
As though the night wont ever ever ever ever end
And my heart stays on permanent lend
For you, I would live a million years,
Just to see you smile, cry a million tears,
And I pray every night, that your load on the journey is light,
And I watch the stars and plan our life in them
I live for you and the beauty that surrounds you
Verse 2:
I used to sing you a song about a faraway place,
And whenever I hear it, like, magic, I see your face.
The blades of grass and dandelions blow in the wind, we watch them
And you kiss me like you're never going to kiss me again
You're miles away, and all I can do is survive
It's hard to live a life worth living when your reason isn't in front of your eyes
So I hide in the beauty that I try to see, waiting until you come back for me
Just com
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Laurels EP Cover by Ckn-bonbon Laurels EP Cover :iconckn-bonbon:Ckn-bonbon 1 0
My New Man
I can't believe I thought you were hot
I can't believe you and I used to talk
When I think of that time in my life, well-
It was a really dark time.
I can't believe I let you use me and the love I gave.
I can't believe I helped you dig me a grave.
I know hindsight is always 20/20
And like that Johnny Nash song I can see clearly
And I know I'm better now you're gone
There's no evidence to prove me wrong
My new man has got a plan and I love him dearly
I used to wonder if it was all my fault (you know, that we broke up)
But back then it wasn't my heart I would consult
I know hindsight is always 20/20
And like that Johnny Nash song I can see clearly
And I know I'm better now you're gone
There's no evidence to prove me wrong
My new man has got a plan and I love him dearly
You'd think that I would be sad
But really, all I am is glad
Cos if I hadn't ended it with you
I wouldn't be happy now and that is true
I swore off musicians because of you
Chor 1
I look back and sometimes wonder if it's t
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The Search
Searching for so long
Hoping only to find you're wrong
With so many failures, so much broken,
Sometimes it's easier to leave things unspoken
They say search and you will find
They say not every song has to rhyme
They say love that comes fast-
They say that kind of love just can't last
But we'll be alright, we'll be okay
I know we'll prove them wrong someday
You've already proved to me you're like no other man
Even if we don't do them, let's make plans
You've helped me back up, and I'll never be the same
My life's been so perfect since you came
They say search and you will find
They say not every song has to rhyme
They say love that comes fast-
They say that kind of love just can't last
But we'll be alright, we'll be okay
I know we'll prove them wrong someday
I've searched far and found you here-
Forgive the cliché, but I need you near
Lets keep it together
Baby, lets bother
Everyone deserve the best, and we're each other's.
They say search and you will find
They say not every song
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a smile confuses an approaching frown by Ckn-bonbon a smile confuses an approaching frown :iconckn-bonbon:Ckn-bonbon 0 2
The Alphabet
A, B, C and D,
you mean the world to me
E, F and G,
you're irreplaceable to me.
that's why when you say things like, "I love you",
I just sing, sing the alphabet,
H, I, J and K,
you make me wanna play
L, M, N, O, P,
With you, I'm who I wanna be.
That's why when you smile at me
All I can do is sing, sing the alphabet
And if I couldn't win a spelling bee,
I'd still feel as tall as a durian tree,
you make me wanna dance and shout,
I know what life's all about
so now, I sing, sing the alphabet
Q, R, S, T, U, V
you fill me with vitamin D
W, X, Y and Z,
you made me who I want to be.
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I dream of the city lights by Ckn-bonbon I dream of the city lights :iconckn-bonbon:Ckn-bonbon 0 2
I miss you.
I miss you with all my heart.
I wish you had been holding me
kissing me
wiping my tears away,
while I watched sad movies.
Those sad movies that remind me of you with
You feel the same.
You feel the same and I know it.
We'll be okay.
But it just hurts now.
I'll go watch some more movies,
and then we'll talk
and laugh,
and maybe we'll argue,
but I wouldn't have it any other way.
Because all this time I've spent missing you,
I'm going to spend making it up to you,
and to me,
and I'm going to make up the time twofold.
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I want you all to die.
he cares so much about all of you
and yet none of you
can so much as click a button
to say you're attending.
none of you can even
simply write 'i'll miss you' and
with a picture of yourself,
and give it to me for something
I know he'd love.
you're all pathetic, and
if you were my friends, I wouldn't want to know you.
I want you all to know
that's it's deplorable
when your best friend sends someone
something for you,
the night before,
and only after someone reminds him.
I'm so disappointed.
In all of you.
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I'll Miss You.
Admitting is the first step;
but what if I don't want to.
What if I want to stay in denail.
What if I want to say that you'll still be here
3 weeks,
a year?
2 years is a long time.
Too long?
We'll see.
Be mine.
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LOL another haiku
another haiku
I'm starting to hate haikus
five, seven, five, oy.
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Hold on Hinata Chapter 16
Hold On Hinata
By: Sliverfall
Chapter Sixteen
Hear Me Now
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.
“I can’t believe you Neji-sama!” Exclaimed a distraught Hanabi. “You locked us up in the closet for over a day! I’ll be mentally scarred for life because of this!”
“I’m glad. Now go away.” Neji brushed Hanabi off as he escorted Tenten to the kitchen.
“No! I’m not going to leave you alone until you apologize!” Hanabi’s face was red with frustration as she made her bold declaration.
“I will not apologize. I have no reason to. As I recall it was you and your little friends who were throwing kunai and water balloons at us while Tenten and I slept last night. In fact I think it would be rather appropriate for you to apologize instead of me.”
“How dare you!” Hanabi scowled deeply. “You have no right to speak to a Hyuuga of the main house like that! I swear that you shall be punished dearly cousi
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Walk Away
She holds herself
cries to sleep
Unable to escape failure
even in her dreams
She's wondering whether
the jagged hole will ever heal
whether the sting
the burn will fade and cease
Trying to find her way home,
to a place she could never trust
She's leaving trails of fragile hopes behind
ready to take the fall
It could've been easy
but it never is
If only she could stop making mistakes
:iconcrimsoncravenheart:CrimsonCravenheart 11 8
BLOOD+ : Memories of us by Lillymon BLOOD+ : Memories of us :iconlillymon:Lillymon 4,651 482 Telemachus -English Project- by Exdeus Telemachus -English Project- :iconexdeus:Exdeus 12 17
Its come again
to that time
when my heart pauses
to take a breath
It knows just as much as I do
how fragile this will be
As if my head hadn't
figured that out
My heart and I will
cycle through the motions
after the moment's gone
knowing how stupid we were
to get caught again
but not care because ot feels so good
And my head will nod
and come up with new ways
to comfort the sourness left in my chest
:iconcrimsoncravenheart:CrimsonCravenheart 3 6

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